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One question we are always asked is what flowers are edible?  There are actually quite a few flowers that are edible, however choose only ones that are grown in your garden or grown specifically to be edible. Flowers in floral stores are processed with hydration solution to prolong their vase life and should not be consumed.


Here are a list of edible flowers you may choose to grow in your garden not only for their beauty but also as a delightful treat. 

Corn flowers - make lovely organic style bouquets but also have a sweet clove flavour and are a wonderful addition to your salad








Carnations - ok give them a chance. These flowers can be steeped in wine or eaten plain for a bit of a nutmeg flavour










Lilacs, who does not love the scent of a lilac. This delicate flavour is best used as a garnish, or try adding it to your morning yogurt for an extra treat.








Of course we can't forget Viola's. This flower and it's leaves in their wild form are edible. They are used in salads and can be used to make jellies and tea.










Jasmine, another heavenly scent that is also edible. These flowers are traditionally sued for scenting teas. However take care here true jasmine is know for oval shiny leaves and tubular waxy flowers. False Jasmine known as yellow Jessamine or jasmine, Carolina Jasmin and evening trumpet flower, woodbine are part of the Gelsemium / Loganiaceae family and are poisonous for human consumption




Of course there are more edible flowers such as dandelions, marigolds, nasturtium, lavender, scented geranium, sunflowers just to name a few. Next time you are walking through your garden think about all the delightful treats that are waiting for you to discover.



























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