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Winterize your Garden




Fall is now in full swing and it is time to winterize your garden. Where to start. Here a few tips:

  • Begin by removing all your annuals from your garden for compost
  • Remove dead flower stalks and leaves from your garden as they can become a home for pests, diseases and mold.
  • Dig up and store tender perennial bulbs  that are not able to withstand winters in your garden (refer to your USDA weather zone for guidelines). Make sure to give them a few weeks to dry out before storing in a container
  • Fall is also a good time to divide perennials such as hostas. They should be divided at least five weeks before the ground freezes so they have time to establish themselves.
  • Unsure where your perennials are every spring, now is a good time to put a marker in the ground so you know and are ready for spring planting.
  • After you have cleaned up your garden beds and divided plants add 3 or so inches of compost to the beds to provide them with nutrients and then mulch 2-3 inches deep.
  • Water deeply with a soaking house all your evergreens to provide them with hydration as they are susceptible to winter burn due to moisture being released by their leaves year around.
  • Protect young trees as they have thin bark and can suffer cracks from the fluctuating temperature
  • Create a wind shield for exposed evergreens to protect them from wind burn using burlap
  • Remember to remove you garden hose, flush out your sprinkler system and turn off your outdoor water supply and let it drain to prevent frozen pipes bursting
  • Leave your ornamental grasses uncut through the winter months to enjoy their texture through the winter, you can cut them back in the early spring.
  • Remember to cover your roses and tender shrubs using burlap and leaves.
  • Clear up all the fallen leaves from the trees to avoid mold and rot setting in.






























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