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Spring Bulbs

  Muscari| Toronto Florist

You can feel it spring is in the air. The birds are chirping, the buds are on the trees, and those first spring bulbs are pushing through the ground.  That of course leads to the inspiration of celebrating the new season with spring bulbs. Tulips, Hyacinth, Muscari, Daffodils and Anemone are just some of wonderful signs of Spring. Bringing them inside our homes can't help but put a smile on your face.

When selecting and bringing these flowers home it is always helpful to have some tips in hand.

Frill Tulip| Floral Design Toronto

 Selecting- as you can guess tulips are one of our most favourite flowers, especially the queensland frill tulip pictured here. When Selecting tulips choose ones where the petals are not too open and the foliage is green. This is the same for Daffodils.

Selecting hyacinth and muscari choose ones whose florets are still closed and tight to be able to enjoy them for longer periods of time. Do remember these bulbs do have a scent.

Anemone and ranunculus look at their stems as these flowers have soft stems and can easily be damaged.

 Arranging Bulbs have those very beautiful shade of green stems that look stunning in glass vases. When arranging your flower selections  it is best to use vases with straight edges that will provide support for their soft stems. Cut you flowers so their heads sit just above the vase lip for the best support. Make sure to remove leaves that will be in the water to avoid bacteria and don't forget cut your flowers on an angle to provide the maximum surface for intake of water. You can of course mix your bulb flowers, but for a stunning display why not try different vases of different heights, with each vase filled with one variety of bulbs all in the same colour pallet. Make it a pink day or a yellow day, what about feeling a bit on the orange side or just a bit of purple and blue. Whatever you select have fun.

Care tips - Daffodils release a substance that is harmful to other flowers it is best to arrange daffodils on their own.

Hyacinth stems get very soft in water as do anemone  so keep the water levels low and change them daily.

Bulb flowers tend to drink a great deal of water so do make sure to check your water levels frequently.


Some Last Tips And finally for longevity the cooler the location and the less direct light your arrangement receives the longer it will last.  If you have room in your fridge and there are no fruit there (as they emit ethylene gas) place your arrangement  of bulb flowers in the fridge at night before you go to bed to extend their vase life as long as possible.  But most important of all enjoy the beauty of your flowers.
































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