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Spring Branches



Spring is here and so are flowering branches such as Cherry blossoms, Dogwood and Forsythia.

Here are some tips on how to best work with these first sign of spring branches.

Cutting your branches


Woody branches require more than the simple slanted cut that you have been instructed do to with your cut flowers. Woody branches need vertical cuts into the base of the woody stem as well in order to draw up water and hydrate you blooms.


Before cutting have your vase of tepid water ready. Because these branches are heavy it is important you take into consideration the height of your vase in proportion to the height of your branches. A general rule is the height of you branches should be between 2.5 to three times the height of your vase.

How to arrange


These stunning blooms look best on their own. But for that added pizzazz you can add black river rock to the bottom of the vase. This also helps give weight to the vase to prevent accidental tipping.


Really want to add some more flowers.


Our pick would be to add hydrangea (another woody stem flower so make those vertical cuts!)

With forsythia a stunning combination is the yellow forsythia with the green hydrangea. For cherry blossoms and dogwood try the more romantic feel of pink or white hydrangea


How long will they last?


Branches in bud stage once brought indoor and placed in a vase will begin to bloom within a day. With proper care- changing water recutting stems and cleaning your vase on a daily basis will prolong their life. On average you should be able to enjoy the blooms for 7- 10 days. But keep them going longer in water and you will see your blooms turn to leaves!
























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