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PLANT LIGHT                                                        




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Plants help bring an element of earth and green into the home. Choosing the right plant for your home can help not only promote a sense of peace and happiness, but also help remove the toxins in the air....something to consider as we huddle down for winter in Toronto and keep our windows and doors closed to the outside cold or turn up the air-conditioning in the summer. In searching for a plant that suits us, we must not only consider what speaks to us in terms of esthetic and design, but we must also be realistic as to what actually works in our space in terms of light and air conditions. Do you want a palm plant? but the only ideal location in your home is near an air vent or doorway? Well then consider this, the plant will survive however the tips of your palm will always appear burnt. Not an issue? then go ahead and purchase your palm.  (To be honest I do not think a home or office space has been built do date that can be described as draft or air vent free while also having and maintaining the perfect level of humidity) 

Ever wonder what they mean by light conditions in your home? Light is the most important element for your plant. Without adequate light a plant simply cannot produce the food required for its life cycle. High-light plants cannot be forced into lower light areas  unless they are supplemented with proper additional electric lighting. Below you will find a  chart to help you make sense of it all in terms of natural light.


West Facing Window

East Facing Window

South Facing Window

North Facing Window

Bright Light

Up to 4 from window

Up to 4 from window

Up to 6 from window

Up to 1 from window

Medium Light

5 from window

6 from window

8 from window

4 from window

Low Light

min of  6 from window

min of 8 from window

min of 10 from window

min 6 from window





Just a couple of additional notes: Occasionally turning your plant will ensure a nicely balanced plant. In addition, plants tend to suffer a slight state of shock when they are moved to a new location or new home. For example flowering plants can loose their flowers, leafy plants will drop some of their leaves. This is normal and to be expected. There is no need to panic. Equally if you move your plant around your home the same will occur. Settle on a location and leave your plant to flourish in its home.

If the ventilation and/or light is different you will notice your plant going into a form of withdrawal until it settles down. Have patience, but take  note that with each place your plant is moved to its water intake will be different and you will have to adjust for that...better to err on the side of caution and water less than drown your plant with love. The number one reason most house plants do not survive is over watering...sometimes too much luv'n is not a good thing.  Keeping these items in mind you should be able to enjoy the beauty of having a living plant in your environment

























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