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Orchids are beautiful delicate blooms, whether used as a living plant arrangement or utilizing their blooms in a floral arrangement they create an exquisite statement of elegance in their simplicity and beauty. Here are a few tips on orchid arranging and plant care


Tips on orchids plant care and arranging with orchid blooms:

  • Orchids prefer bright indirect light, ideally between 3-5 feet from windows
  • Orchids are sensitive to changes in temperature and drafts. To avoid petal drop place them in an area draft free away from heaters/ air-conditioning units with a consistent temperature. (Be careful about ordering orchid plants or purchasing them during the cold winter months. The change in temperature from inside to outside and back into home can send your plant into shock.)
  • Orchids do not require a great deal of water. If there is an inner planter within your arrangement remove it and using room temperature water place the planter in a bucket of water to absorb water from the bottom. Make sure all water is drained away before placing back in its decorative planter. (approx. ever10-15 days)
  • Alternatively water with approximately a teaspoon of room temperature water per stem at the base of the leaves, avoiding getting the leaves wet when watering. A trick to knowing if you plant needs water is to place a toothpick in the container all the way to the bottom. If the toothpick when removed is wet your plant is not due for a watering yet.
  • To maintain the simple elegance of the orchids, and avoid these beautiful florets from competing with each other for attention choose one kind of orchid or one colour variation of orchid types to utilize in your arrangement
  •  When your orchid plant has completely flowered, you can extend the enjoyment of this bloom by cutting the last few florets and them float in water.
  • Submerged orchids can be stunning however only varieties that have a waxy petal will do (i.e. think of cymbidium orchids) as non waxy florets will decay or mold quickly.


























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