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WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?                                             


Clients often ask what is the difference between a bouquet and a flower arrangement ?  It is a common question so here is a simple explanation:


Bouquets are a selection of flowers and foliage that are artfully grouped together (or bound together if a hand tied bouquet) to present a particular style, theme or expression and wrapped in paper and cellophane. Water tubes are generally attached to the stem to provide a water source while in transit. Bouquets are often given to people who already have a vase or vessel to place them in, or simply enjoy the pleasure of arranging flowers.

A bouquet on arrival requires the recipient to cut the flowers and place them in their own vase and unless presented in the hand tied variation arranged .

Why give a Bouquet?

  • Bouquets travel easier than arrangements in transport. (arrangements without experience can be quite tricky to transport)

  • If recipient is someone who receives flowers regularly they most likely will have a collection of vases to work with. By forgoing the vase you can spend the additional funds towards the flowers, either by sending a larger group of flowers than would be in an arrangement or higher value flowers. When budgets are in consideration this is an option.

 Flower Arrangement


A flower arrangement consists of flowers, foliage etc creatively designed within a vase or vessel of some sort either in water directly or floral oasis. Due to the additional time and costs of designing and preparing a flower arrangement that can also be safely transported they tend to cost more than a bouquet.


Why a flower arrangement?


  • A flower arrangement comes in its own vessel and is a readymade gift

  • The recipient does not have to know how or take the time to arrange the flowers.

  • Flower arrangements are wonderful gifts as centerpieces, sideboard table pieces,

client gifts or for parties and events. They allow for the creativity of your florist to design

and manipulate flowers while the recipient simply enjoys the artistry.





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