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Cut flowers from your garden – yes it is that time of year when things are in bloom.

Ever wonder why those flowers you cut from the garden today wilted or shattered by the next day? Time of day, the stage of the flower’s development and temperature all play a role in the longevity of your flowers as a cut flower. This time of year our gardens are filled with hydrangeas and if cut and cared for properly this temperamental flower can be enjoyed indoors as well.

Hydrangea have woody stems a factor that affects this flower's water absorption ability compared to other fresh flowers and as the name indicates this flower requires good hydration. We have all seen wilted hydrangea in the garden when they have been subject to a very hot day.  To counter this problem in this cut flower there are a few steps you can follow.

When to cut your flowers from your garden? It is best to cut flowers very early in the morning. Do you hear the birds chirping? Well it is time to hit the garden. You want to cut your heads when they are still cool and the dew is still on them.

Ready to cut- not yet. Make sure to wash all your tools, buckets and vases with bleach to reduce bacteria. Have a bucket of cool water out in the garden with you and place stems immediately after cutting in water ensuing the entire stem is in water.

Cut my flowers, now what? Once you bring your flowers in leave the hydrangeas in water for at least 4 to 6 hours.

Bath Time: Prior to arranging your hydrangeas it is preferable to soak the entire flower head and stem in a warm bath of water for 20 minutes after removing all foliage. So fill up your bath tub with enough water to cover the flower head fully and submerge. You may need to way down the stems to keep your flower head and stems under water. Remember to remove the leaves as the leaves of this flower will absorb water away from the flower head and encourage premature wilting. 

Prepare your vase with flower food . Re-cut the stem underwater to prevent air from entering the stem and hindering your flowers from drinking the water they need. Change your water daily to help prolong the life of your cut hydrangeas.

Have fun with your flowers and enjoy them, don’t be afraid to steal some beauty from your garden to enjoy inside. …don’t worry they will be back next year to see again.





































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